The comprehensive History of Peebles 1850 - 1990 by J. L. Brown and I. C. Lawson (Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh, 1990) states that a “Peeblesshire Society” was founded in the 1880s. No records now exist of this early phase of the Society’s history but it seems to have fallen into abeyance about the start of the 20th century.


There is on record however that, in February 1913, a public meeting was held in Peebles “to consider proposals to form a County Association for the purpose of stimulating interest throughout the County in the study of history and natural science”.


A draft constitution for this new club was approved at a further public meeting on 12th March 1913. The Innerleithen Alpine Club was amalgamated with this new organisation which started life under the rather cumbersome title “The Tweeddale Club for the Study of History and Natural Science”. This title was soon changed to “The Tweeddale Society” and has remained so ever since. The Society flourished for 28 years until it was suspended in 1941 during the Second World War.


Sponsored by the Extra Mural Studies Department of the University of Edinburgh, another public meeting was held in Peebles Town Hall in 1967 to consider the revival of the Society. The first winter meeting was then held on 12th September 1967.

History of the Society

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In 2013 the Society marked the centenary of its foundation by publishing a fully illustrated history:


The Tweeddale Society

The First Hundred Years

A cultural organisation based in Peebles, Scottish Borders

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